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Middle School

Intro to Theatre


Intro to Thea is a nine week class where we focus on creating, performing, responding and connecting to drama. We will really try and focus on creating new artistic ideas and work, interpreting and presenting work, understanding and evaluating how the arts convey meaning and relating artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external context.


To retain the most knowledge and appreciate drama, students will engage in group projects, role-playing and many more fun and exciting activities!!!


High School

Introduction to Theatre


Intro to Theatre is an all year class where students study the history of theater as well as specific plays. In addition, students practice improvisation, pantomime and mime, voice, diction and acting techniques. The students in this class need not be experienced actors, yet they must have a serious attitude toward drama analysis and exploring their own talents. Students are expected to contribute to class discussions, to give and receive constructive per criticism and to perform.


Click on the link below for more information:


Intro to Theatre Syllabus




Acting introduces the fundamentals of drama, acting and play production.  Students explore the origins and history of drama and learn to appreciate quality stage presentations.  Students develop the skills to communicate clearly with the audience as well as classmates and create believable moments as characters on stage.  Students build self-confidence and self-awareness as they prepare and perform monologues, scenes and improvisations in class.


Directing studies the principles, procedures, and practices of stage direction. Beginning with a non-verbal approach to composition and movement study, and progressing to more formal text work, the various exercises culminate in the direction of a one act play for public performance at the end of the school year.

Playwriting is designed to develop the writer's individual theatrical style through the writing of scenes and a 1-act play (or work toward a full-length play). You explore the dimensions of writing for the stage through key areas of craft, including language, dialogue, the essentials of dramatic form, and structure. You also focus on dramatic tension (behavior, action, and the spoken word) and character--fulfilling theme through the depiction of characters with distinct voices and histories. This course is designed to give the student the fundamentals of play construction and theory, using writing techniques and exercise, and in-class feedback. The goal is to complete a one-act play or one act of a play. The class will culminate with a final presentation of scenes, read by actors brought in for that purpose. 


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Acting/Directing/Playwriting Syllabus


Foundations of Technical Theatre


Technical Theatre encompasses all the people, equipment, work and time that make an event happen. Without skilled techies behind the scenes of a concert, play or presentation, the audience cannot see, hear, understand or enjoy the performers properly.


Tech theatre covers stage sound, lighting, props, costumes, make-up, set design and event marketing. Extensive hands-on classroom access to lighting and sound equipment provide students the opportunity to form the core group of technicians responsible for designing, planning, setting up and running a variety of events on the school’s campus. 


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Foundations of Technical Theatre Syllabus


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