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What is Standing Room Only?

It is a local parent and friends theatre booster organization at Highlands High School in Fort Thomas, Kentucky.

The objectives of Standing Room Only are to support the Highlands High School and Middle School sixth through twelfth grade theatre program by providing assistance and support to the Theatre Director in the form of services and funds within its resources. It is also to provide a channel of communication between the faculty and parents concerning Theatre Department functions and activities. 


Board of Directors: (Please click on the name to contact them)

President - Sarah Taft
Vice-President/Technology - Toby Varland

Secretary - Brandon Hart
Treasurer - Billie Heilman

VP of Fundraising - Pam Schultz
VP of Show Management - Doug Lorenz

Show Fund Manager - Aimee Shadwell

If you would like to learn more about SRO, please visit their website at:


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