HHS Fall Play

November 3rd thru 7th, 2022

Tartuffe, also called The Impostor or The Hypocrite, was written by Molière in 1664 and first performed the same year. It is one of Molière's most famous theatrical comedies. The play was controversial; although the public and even King Louis XIV enjoyed Tartuffe, the Archbishop of Paris issued an edict threatening excommunication for anyone who watched, performed in, or read the play. Despite Molière's insistence that Tartuffe was a criticism of hypocrisy and the dangers of blind faith, many felt it represented an unacceptable critique of religion. Molière revised the play to make it seem more secular, and in 1669, he was allowed to perform this new version. Moliere's revised Tartuffe has enjoyed centuries of success, and is still performed today.